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  1. Eyal Abramovitch said

    Please review Austraila Cleantech map


  2. Get a 1 meter coil end area 4sqm 50 no linear motors in it velocity 100000m/sec field 5×10^-2 tesla and wrap superconductor carbon nanotube matting round it resistance R=10^-9 OHM and use induction coils round it to pull off power of 10^21 watts to use in lots of 2kw Peltier coolers life 23 yrs so one hot end boiling seawater in the low pipe after a one valve piston pumps vapour up to cooler to condense to drinking water for crops in top pipe, each say 500 cc in 10 min of water, then 10000 of these twin pipes would supply 30 cubic meters of fresh cropwater an hour for the fields.TE technology
    MICHIGAN USA SELL PELTIER COOLERS with a hot end http://www.tetech.com/design cool@tetech.com.thomas swan chemicals uk usa Linari engineering Italy many places sell carbon nanotubes,Regards Keith Johnson ps-end your drought get seawater and clay soil vis http://www.digitalbooks.org.uk grow 2bn bushels of wheat, view that ok.

  3. Information on Desalination
    Water Desalination International’s Advanced Vapor Compression Desalination Process is an advanced and environmentally friendly desalination process, an alternative single performance process compared to Reverse Osmosis. The system is based on traditional flash distilling principles that incorporate a unique and compact design. The design can vary to accommodate either salt recovery by extracting water from seawater drawn from wells beneath the sea floor while recovering the salts for commercial use or returning the brine to the sea.

    The process has modular abilities and can be expanded to meet future requirements in water demand or designed and built at the start for higher volume. A basic plant design of a 1 acre foot per day unit can operate on solar, thermal, nuclear or traditional energy sources. Each unit is optimized from an initial engineering site study to account for different environmental and structural needs. A basic stand alone unit of 1 acre foot per day is approximately twenty feet in diameter. The larger the plant water volume the lower the cost is per acre foot. The plant energy consumption is on the order of about 7 to 21 kw per 1000 gallons produced based on the design, volume produced and type of energy.

    The system can also be used in industrial treatment and recovery of effluent water. The life cycle of the plant is based on a 25 year timeline which can be extended through proper preventable maintenance and overhaul.

    This is a very brief description of our process. Please feel free to contact me with any questions as I look forward to continue discussions of the “Passarell” Advanced Vapor Compression Process.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


    Frank Passarelli
    Water Desalination International, Inc.

  4. Dolores Funk said

    could I have permission to use the magic flower garden cartoon in a presentation for the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority? I own and operate a private land use consulting business in Valemount, British Columbia, Canada.

    Please let me know asap.

    Dolores Funk

  5. My company has developed breakthrough technology regarding deepwater platforms. Our system consists of articulating spars and has been proven to be 10 times more stable and half as expensive as conventional platforms this size. In addition, we will have the added capability to connect these platforms together to create land mass of any size. I wondered whether this could be used as a deepwater water desal plant. If you have any interest or need information, please contact me.

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