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Surprise success for new idea

Thanks to all who called to talk with ideas and suggestions.

Heaps of hits: Three weeks of the blog world proved a whole lot of fun. To our big surprise, we get heaps of hits. The usage rises about 5 per cent daily! WordPress featured us as a “fastest-growing blog”. And surprise – stories on this site sometimes rank in Google – at the top of 11 million others – on similar topics – Why? That’s what we talk about at tea-time as we google at the usage statistics over our Chinese tea and rice-crackers.We get see the kind of stories you like to read; and this feedback helps us adjust the content. The old way, we had to guess what it was you wanted to know; but now, the feedback tells us, what you want more of.

The history of Water Week – a weekly round-up of news and data relating to the Australian water industry, was first published around 1990 – first, as hard copy news letter – and, later, as a pdf newsletter. In its latest form, (from 17 September 2007), Water Week comes to you as;

•  a daily “reminder” headline summary;

•  it links to the site;

You may send or broadcast this “summary sheet” to any party at no cost. (you may also opt in or out of the daily sheet. To do this, please use the form below to send your email to us, so we can add or remove you to the list). At this stage, we’ll leave these daily pdfs for you to freely distribute, broadcast, print, or to post on intranets. Copyright of content remains with EWN Publishing.

The site content is also copyright ©2007 to EWN Publishing.

Password plan: EWN will apply a site password system, soon. This will provide some free access; and subscriber access, for higher use.

New url soon: Soon, this service will move out of the interim blog format to new form, with a new url. This will add more automation and reduce production work load so we can spend time on news quality; more charts, graphs, interviews and analysis, faster.

You need to log-in to the new site; but that, too, comes free, to start – but soon after, we will set-up a payment system. We propose this would have two types to start:

1. Legacy Rates:
•  the New Legacy Tariff would apply to all existing current subscribers, at the same value as the current tariff, (for the previous pdf publications);
•  for multi-user clients, an IP service would allow a single password for all the corporate users in a group; and this Legacy Tariff would also include:
•  one year of searchable access to one year’s news (by way of compensation for missed issues of the last six months – before we took this leap into the internet).

2. Micro billing: This second option – allows a short term user to pay by credit card or Paypal – and aims to supply a one-off research user with an urgent need for current or historic information

Print format: One of the site categories is “Volume Number”, so those who want to print a copy can do so in volume sets. To do this, put the volume number in the search window, or go to Categories on the left.

A new weekly edition starts each Mondays, (and is made up of five daily sets).   The site is updated daily and the Volumes are weekly. We have yet to decide how to number the daily subsets.

Graphs, cartoons and maps: You will start to see these soon, on the site as the editorial team skills-up.

More information: Laurel 61 2 9818 8877


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