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Nominations called for community-members to sit on Executive Committees of Georgina Diamantina and Cooper Creek catchments in Qld

Posted by waterweek on 17 October 2007

Nominations were now being called from the community to sit on the Executive Committees of both the Georgina Diamantina and the Cooper Creek catchments, according to a notice in Queensland Country Life (4/10/2007, p.37).

Qualifications and duties: Nominations were invited from the general public for a community representative who:

  • resides in the catchment (either urban or pastoral); and
  • has knowledge, understanding or an interest in natural resource management issues relevant to your area. And will:
  • fairly and objectively reflect the wide range of views and opinions of the community in this area; and
  • ensure that the community is kept informed of the activities of the Committee.

Committee aims: “The Catchment Committees’ aims to build on the foundation of the Desert Channels Queensland natural resource management plan (2004-2008). It looks to progress the components of the NRM Plan identified by the community as a priority within the broader Desert Channels region. A committee member will be elected to represent each of the geographic regions shown on the map below and will form two catchment executives – the Georgina Dimantina and the Cooper Creek. Purpose: “The purpose of the committees is to bring catchment issues and concerns to DCQ to progress and to be an active conduit between DCQ, government and the community. The committees meets two to three times a year in a different part of the catchment. This ensures that all members are informed about local issues and form a good working knowledge of the whole catchment. Successful nominees are provided with sitting fees, travel costs, accommodation etc.

Nominations please: “Nominations are now being called for each geographic region. You may nominate yourself or someone in your area who is interested in being nominated. The positions will be determined by a community vote and may be held for up to three years. Please check the map below to find your subcatchment area.”

Reference: Please send or fax your nomination to: Freepost No.601, Longreach, Qld 4730. Or fax: (07) 4658 0122. Or ph: (07) 4658 0600 for further assistance.

Queensland Country Life, 4/10/2007, p. 37


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