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WA’s Mt Gibson Iron Ltd gets water allocation of 5.2GL with additional 32.8GL requested

Posted by waterweek on 12 October 2007

Regarding the Mt Gibson Iron Ltd iron ore mine, Giz Watson, of the WA Greens, asked the WA Minister for Resources, Kim Chance, what the current usage and recharge for the targeted aquifers were, and whether any groundwater-dependent ecosystems were reliant on the aquifers, in the WA Legislative Council (28/8/2007).

Water allocations: Kim Chance replied that currently allocated and committed were 5.2 gigalitres, with an additional 32.8 gigalitres requested. Gross annual recharge to the Parmelia aquifer in the Tathra sub-area of the Arrowsmith groundwater area was estimated at 37.3 gigalitres. The source of that was the ‘Managing the Arrowsmith Groundwater Area: Interim Sub-Regional Allocation Strategy’ in 2002. The allocation limit was set at 33.4 gigalitres a year. In regards to the second question, he answered no.

Reference: Giz Watson, Australian Greens, Legislative Council, Western Australia; Kim Maurice Chance, Minister for Forestry, Australian Labor Party, Legislative Council, Western Australia, 4 September 2007: on Mt Gibson Iron Ltd

Erisk Net, 4/9/2007

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