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Queensland faces razorback boar surge; many being trapped in state’s far north; hundreds of feral pigs descend from the hills in the dry season

Posted by waterweek on 12 October 2007

According to Peter Michael in The Courier Mail (11/10/2007, p.15), a number of razorbacks were being trapped in Queensland’s far north. Boar invasion: Residents are increasingly complaining of face-to-face encounters with wild boars as the urban sprawl of fast-growing Cairns and Mission Beach sees more housing lots backing on to World Heritage rainforest. Homeowners have reportedly been charged and pet dogs attacked as hundreds of feral pigs —some 2m long and weighing 150kg — descend from the hills in the dry season to forage for food.

Hog mayhem: Other homeowners have suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage to gardens and nature strips from the porcine plague. Latest figures show four times the number of feral pigs have been trapped in the tourist destinations of Cairns, Palm Cove and Mission Beach this winter compared with previous years.

Pig panic: Elderly resident Patricia Chong, of Kuranda, said she was afraid to walk outside at night. “I can’t even go out and walk the dog,” she said. “It’s very dangerous. There are up to a dozen pigs at a time on the road.”

Hunting heaven: Former soldier Paul Smith set up pig-trapping business Boar Busters two years ago and has since caught and shot 1200 pigs in Mission Beach. “The biggest pig we caught was a 152kg razorback boar over 711 (2.1m) in length,” he said.

The Courier Mail, 11/10/2007, p. 15


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