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Universal pump jack can replace normal windmill function when mill not working

Posted by waterweek on 11 October 2007

Universal pump jacks were lightweight, fully portable and could be installed in about 15 minutes, with their purpose being to replace a normal windmill function when the mill was out of service, or there was a lack of wind, reported Farm Weekly (27/9/2007, p. 20).

Much interest from farmers: Universal pump jacks’ representative, Brett Crook, had said since the company’s new pump jack hit the market, there was a lot of interest from farmers. “People are looking for a safe and cost-effective mechanism to replace their old windmill or to set up on their water supply, be it a bore, well or dam as a free standing unit,” Mr Crook said.

Simple to install: “Installation is sim­ply a matter of plac­ing the pump jack on top of the stand pipe, then attaching the cross-arm of the universal pump jack to the pump rod.” An installation package was supplied with every purchase.

Source: Universal Pump Jack, phone Brett: 0427 211 780 or email: brettcrook@bigpond.com

Farm Weekly, 27/9/2007, p. 20


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