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SA govt go ahead for water-saving $4.7m Virginia Pipeline extension; govt to pump funds, scheme to pump 35pc treated wastewater for use of irrigators

Posted by waterweek on 11 October 2007

Ending years of uncertainty for Angle Vale irrigators and almost two years of delays after its announcement, the $4.7 million Virginia Pipeline Scheme Extension, a major water-saving project was given the green light by the State Government with the Government set to match federal funding for extension, announced by Prime Minister John Howard in October 2005, reported The Advertiser, (06/09/2007, p.7).

3000ML treated water for Angle Vale: Under the plan to build a 20km extension to the Bolivar-to-Virginia pipeline, an extra 3000 megalitres a year of treated waste water would be pumped to Angle Vale’s horticultural area every year.

Treated effluent for reuse: The treated effluent, diverted for use by irrigators north of Adelaide, otherwise would go out to sea. The major sticking point between the state and federal governments had been issues over groundwater management.

Environmentally safe: Water Security Minister Karlene Maywald said the project would increase Adelaide’s use of recycled water, reduce discharge of harmful nutrients into the Gulf St Vincent, cut demand on groundwater resources and help reduce River Murray extractions.

35pc wastewater reuse: “Already, the existing Virginia Pipeline Scheme currently distributes about 15 billion litres per year of treated waste water from the Bolivar treatment plants to irrigators in the Virginia area. “Construction of the Angle Vale extension to the scheme means 35 per cent of treated waste water at the plant will be reused.”

Irrigators welcome guaranteed supply: Angle Vale almond grower Nick Pezzaniti said the extension guaranteed a water supply that allowed horticulturists to plan for the future.

The Advertiser, 6/9/2007, p. 7


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