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Old friendship between Greens leader Brown and Peter Garrett ends over Tamar Valley pulp mill; Brown to fight on

Posted by waterweek on 10 October 2007

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown had turned his back on former environmental pin-up boy and old friend Peter Garrett, wrote Mark Worley in The Mercury (6/10/2007).

Disagreement over pulp mill: Brown said his friendship with Labor’s federal environment spokesman was over because of Garrett’s support for the pulp mill in the Tamar Valley. Brown said that, over the years, they spoke frequently on the phone about environmental issues and main­tained a friendly relationship. However, the relationship was over because Garrett failed to stand up when it mattered. “His inaction on the pulp mill has put a challenge to me. He has said it’s me or the Tamar Valley. I’m with the Tamar Valley.”

Brown to continue fighting: As protests had erupted around the state against the Federal Government’s approval of the $1.7 billion mill near Launceston, Brown had vowed to continue fighting against the project. Brown said the decision of both major parties to back the mill was to be expected. “Unlike [Environment Minister] Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Garrett, I have met with the business people who will be the direct losers from this decision,” he had said.

The Mercury, 6/10/2007, p. 1


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