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NSW Groundwater trade restrictions introduced 8 September 2007 near Hay in the States Central West due to over-pumping

Posted by waterweek on 10 October 2007

Groundwater trading near Hay in the States Central West was restricted by the Department of Water and Energy to ensure enough water remains available for both users and the environment. The decision to enforce trade restrictions came after routine monitoring showed a drop in water levels in parts of the system. Whilst groundwater levels were starting to decline, the number of people wanting to buy groundwater has increased, placing the system at risk of being over-pumped. Over-pumping a groundwater system threatens the community, industry and environment alike by taking out more water than what was sustainable. This was why the Department of Water and Energy have had to restrict trade into parts of the groundwater system in this area; however, licensed users can still trade water out.

People resort to groundwater: “As the severe drought continues more people were turning to groundwater as an alternative water source. As our rivers, streams and dams run dry more people were applying for zero share groundwater licences, which enable water to be purchased from existing licensed users. This can lead to an increase in the number of people actively pumping their entitlement, which can impact on water availability. These restrictions were necessary to protect the quantity and quality of the water supply for existing licensed users and the health of our environment”.

For more information about the trade restrictions near Hay please contact the Department of Water and Energy on (03) 5898 3910.



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