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9 October: Lismore hit by hail the size of tennis balls as supercells form over NSW Northern Rivers and parts of Northern Tablelands

Posted by waterweek on 10 October 2007

Lismore, on the state’s Far North Coast was hit 9 October, by hail the size of tennis balls. It was the second day that severe thunderstorms and hail caused havoc in the northeast of the state. Windows and skylights at the local police station were smashed and an its vehicles suffered major damage, police reported. Several car crashes were also reported, along with a tree falling on a car and a skylight at the hospital smashing, exposing wards to rain, reported The Daily Telegraph, (10/10/2007), p. 13.

Damaging supercell passed over Lismore: The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology reported on Wednesday the 10th of October 2007 that widespread thunderstorm activity affected the Northern Rivers and parts of the Northern Tablelands with a particularly damaging supercell passing over Lismore around 2pm, 9 October:

• hail stones the size of tennis balls [6-6.5cm] accompanied by very heavy rain affected the township;

• hail the size of 20 cent pieces were reported at Grafton.

Thunderstorms: Thunderstorm activity was observed in the northwest of the state extending into the eastern parts of the Upper Western with no significant rainfall reported, with the only other district with rainfall being the northern parts of the Mid North Coast again with some storm activity. It was generally fine and dry elsewhere. Minimum temperatures were above average in the northeast and far west and central west but close to or slightly below average elsewhere. Maximum temperatures were above average over most of the northern parts and southwest, a little below on the coast south from the Hunter and close to average elsewhere. Winds were light to moderate SW to SE, gusty at times on the coast and strong with associated storms.

The Daily Telegraph, 10/10/2007, p. 13

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