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New idea: shower water-recycler offers an endless hot shower; in a four family home a water saving of at least one person

Posted by waterweek on 9 October 2007

Put five litres of water in the shower recess or bathtub and you can splash away to your heart’s content without worrying about those four-minute showers demanded of southeast Queensland residents. Max Ingram, a hobby farmer near Moonie on the Darling Downs, thinks he can cash in on the water supply problem affecting the region, reported The Courier Mail, (3/10/2007, p. 5).

Strain gain: “For less than $1000, I can provide a device that gives unlimited water – forget the four-minute showers, you can wash and rinse till you wash yourself away,” he said. Over the past four months, Ingram thinks he has come close to perfecting his device, which washes at the rate of nine litres a minute. “It is not cold water because there is an element that can provide a temperature of 47 degrees,” he said. “Although it is not filtered, the recycled water is strained — keeping out body hair and fluff on the skin from clothes.”

The Courier Mail, 3/10/2007, p. 5


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