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Spikes in pollution acceptable decides Australian Chief Scientist as he sets “averages” controls on pollutants and wastewater from Gunns pulp

Posted by waterweek on 8 October 2007

Parameter Maximum Limit Total nitrogen 2.5 pg TEQ/L Total phosphorus 0.8mg/L Total suspended solids 20 mg/L Biological oxygen demand 11 mg/L

Prior to commissioning, trigger levels for effluent discharge for all phases of development must be included in the EIMP together with agreed response strategies and timeframes if trigger levels are exceeded or maximum limits reached. In accordance with the EIMP, Gunns Limited must obtain (from overseas pulp mills already using technologies similar to that proposed) effluent samples, and conduct chemical analyses and whole effluent toxicity testing to identify the key contaminants and their concentrations and the effluent dilutions needed in the mixing zone for the proposed mill. Gunns Limited must report on the temporal variability in both the contaminant concentrations and toxicity in the effluents from these mills. In accordance with the EIMP, to determine the properties affecting the fate of fine particulate organic matter in effluent, Gunns Limited must undertake laboratory studies, agreed to by the Department, to assess the likely settling and flocculation properties of fine particulate organic materials in equivalent effluent.

Reference: Malcolm Turnbull MP, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, 4 October 2007. Further information, along with the Chief Scientist’s report, and information on the Chief scientist’s panel and Terms of Reference, is available on the Department’s website at http://www.environment.gov.au/epbc/pulpmill

Erisk Net, 4/10/2007


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