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South Australia emergency drought measure creates four new weirs and dams to stop water flowing from Murray river, to wetlands and storages

Posted by waterweek on 8 October 2007

In South Australia as part of the River Murray -State Emergency Drought Plan the Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board was to temporarily disconnect the following wetlands from the river channel;• The temporary disconnection of Lake Bonney was completed on 28 September 2007; temporary disconnections would occur at other sites as follows:

• Yatco Lagoon – 5 October;

• Nelwart Swamp – 8 October;

• Murbko South Wetland – 26 October. The above three sites will have permanent regulating structures installed and subsequent wetland management plans developed.

Reference: Government of South Australia, Adelaide 28 September 2007. Contact: Patrick Conlon, Minister for Transport DTEI 2007/00313 http://www.dtei.sa.gov.au

The Advertiser, 5/10/2007, p. 84


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