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Queensland’s 1300 big business operations, ordered to cut water-use 25 per cent: face level-six restrictions fines on an ascending scale to $124,875

Posted by waterweek on 8 October 2007

According to Tony Koch, writing in The Australian, (1/10/2007), p. 6, Queensland Water Commissioner Elizabeth Nosworthy said unde the new level-six restrictions, businesses must cut use by 25 per cent over the next year.

And that target will be permanent. Businesses that do not comply face fines on an ascending scale that reach $124,875. The 1300 big business operations in the fast-growing southeast will also have to install water meters on equipment. Nosworthy said she was confident level-seven restrictions would not have to be introduced. She did not expect levels in dams to drop below 10 per cent of capacity before the new southeast Queensland water grid was in operation late next year. The grid, now under construction, is a network of pipelines that will be able to move water to areas of greatest need. s.

The Australian, 1/10/2007, p. 6


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