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Business Coun­cil of Australia wants SA Water split up and operated like a private com­pany

Posted by waterweek on 8 October 2007

South Australia Water would be split up and operated like a private com­pany under infra­structure reforms. The Business Coun­cil of Australia has un­veiled an infrastruc­ture plan calling for major spending on transport, energy and water infrastructure over the next decade, reported The Advertiser, 5/10/2007, p. 24. The council called for competition in water supply and the re­moval of politics from water as much as possible. This in­cluded:

• splitting water corporations into two bodies – pipes and supply and retail com­ponents;

• introducing national regulation of water;

• ensuring all water prices were usage-based and

• end­ing cross-subsidies for water so that prices were averaged across a state or region; and

• removing all im­pediments to water recycling.

In your dreams: An advisor for Acting Water Security Minister John Hill said the Government would not consider splitting SA Water nor would it consider turning the corpor­ation over to private ownership.

The Advertiser, 5/10/2007, p. 24


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