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SA Murray irrigators fear zero allocations from July 2008, as Vic Premier refuses to give up extra water

Posted by waterweek on 5 October 2007

South Australian River Murray irrigators feared zero water allocations from 1 July, wrote Clare Peddie in The Advertiser (2/10/2007, p.9).

Dire outlook: The latest River Murray Water Resources Report from the Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation Department said even median inflows into the Dartmouth and Hume dams over the next eight months would only bring total storage at the end of May to 1050GL, 11 per cent of capacity. The report said, “this highlights the possibility of no irrigation water being available at the beginning of 2008-09”. SA Murray Irrigators executive officer Ian Zadow said the outlook was dire. “Looking forward, if you’re game to do that sort of thing these days, it’s going to be an absolute disaster for the industry,” he said.

Brumby sees no emergency: His comments followed a meeting held between officials from Victoria’s Sustainability and the Environment Department and their South Australian and federal counterparts on Friday, after which Victorian Premier John Brumby said there was no critical need to deliver more Murray water to SA. Brumby had refused to give up water for an SA water quality reserve, despite a plea from Prime Minister John Howard to do so. “I understand that there was a meeting of officials in Canberra on Friday and my understanding is those officials have agreed there is no critical shortage of water in South Australia at this point in time,” Brumby said.

For further info: The River Murray Water Resources Assessment Report was a fortnightly update of information about water resource conditions in South Australia and interstate, including information on irrigation allocations and probability of improvement. For more information go to http://www.dwlbc.sa.gov.au/murray/drought/

The Advertiser, 2/10/2007, p. 9


One Response to “SA Murray irrigators fear zero allocations from July 2008, as Vic Premier refuses to give up extra water”

  1. Barb said

    I am new at this and found your site this morning while looking at my work, I am a loyal south Australian very concerned about the Murray I feel it should be published as a national disgrace that politicians and let the river get to the state it has a beatiful piece of australia that could end up lost forever.

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