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Rural Victorian communities passionate on water issue, feel duped by Melbourne Water pipeline plan

Posted by waterweek on 5 October 2007

“‘New water’ has been the cry of the men in dark suits,” according to Donna Petrovich, Member for Northern Victoria, in the Victorian Legislative Council on 9 August 2007 .

Business people and farmers passionate on issue: “I attended meetings in Yea and Lockington,” Petrovich said. “Both of these meetings, held in the middle of the day, were attended by 400 to 500 people, all of whom run businesses and farms and run irrigation businesses, I might add. It is very difficult for them to find time away from their farms, but they are passionate about this, and I think some of that passion will be revealed today.”

Communities feel cheated: “‘New water’ was the cry of the men in dark suits sent by the Brumby snake oil salesmen to support the crazy pipe, which, by their own admission, was not even conceived until April this year, prompted by the fact that the penny finally dropped that there was a drought and, God forbid, it was affecting Melbourne water supplies. The reason given by Melbourne Water was, ‘Gosh, we thought it was going to rain’. David Downie and Victor Gilvetis, senior project manager, capital delivery, Melbourne Water, explained that the predicted 75 gigalitres would be sent to Melbourne in a pipe that had the capacity to carry 125 gigalitres. No wonder the communities are worried, anxious and feel they have been duped,” she concluded.

Reference: Donna Petrovich, Member for Northern Victoria, Legislative Council, Victoria, 9 August 2007

Erisk Net, 8/8/2007


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