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Victorian state government coming under increasing pressure to reject both north-south pipeline and desalination; leave our water alone says Gippsland

Posted by waterweek on 4 October 2007

The Victoria state government was coming under increasing pressure to reject both the north-south pipeline and desalination, said Craig Ingram, Independent Member for Gippsland East, in the Victorian Legislative Assembly on 9 August 2007. Gippsland rejects dams: Ingram called on the government to “reject the proposals put forward by a number of people to take even more water from Gippsland as an alternative to the north-south pipeline and the desalination plant in order to quench the thirst of Melbourne.” Ingram expressed disappointment “that some protesters are pushing a proposal to dam the Mitchell, Aberfeldy or Barclay rivers in Gippsland, instead of using desalination or other options. This has been totally rejected by my community at every election, and it is something that we will not put up with.”

Local community view stressed: “However,” Ingram said, “it is a proposal that has been put forward by a vast number of people within the wider community, and I am making sure that both the Parliament and the minister [of Water] understand that this is not something that the community of Gippsland supports. It has, for example, been put forward by the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF). It was reported in the Herald Sun of 26 September 2006 that Simon Ramsay believes that ideally the water should not come from the Goulburn River but should come from Gippsland, where water is more plentiful.”

Nationals, VFF policies spurned: Referring to Simon Ramsay, Ingram said: “He also mentioned in a radio interview at that time that another option was south-west Victoria, either at Colac or in the Otways. I am sure residents there would not be very happy to have their water taken for Melbourne. I point out to the house that the policies that keep being put forward in the media by The Nationals, the VFF and others are not supported across my community. At every election this issue comes up, and at every election these policies are rejected.”

Reference: Craig Ingram, Independent Member for Gippsland East, Legislative Assembly, Victoria, 9 August 2007.

Erisk Net, 8/8/2007


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