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Queensland water commissioner outlines level six restrictions, focus is on 1300 big businesses that use 10 megalitres a year or more

Posted by waterweek on 4 October 2007

Queensland water commissioner Elizabeth Nosworthy said householders will not face tougher restrictions under the level six conditions that will come into force in mid-November, so long as they stay under the 140 litres per person daily target, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (1/10/2007, p.6). Crackdown focuses on businesses: Nosworthy outlined level six restrictions for the region, saying it would crack down on water-wasting businesses. The focus is on the region’s 1300 big businesses that use 10 megalitres a year or more. Businesses must cut use by 25 per cent by November 2008 and install meters on equipment, or face a rising scale of fines.

Fines: Council officers can impose spot fines ranging from $750 to $3750. Businesses also face fines of up to $124,875 for failing to comply with the Water Efficiency Plan process. The level six package was put together after consultation with councils and peak industry groups.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/10/2007, p. 6

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