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Qld water: businesses using more than 10 megalitres a year forced to operate under a Water Efficiency Management Plan, expected to achieve a 25pc reduction by November 2008

Posted by waterweek on 4 October 2007

Under level 6 restrictions announced on Sunday, water-guzzling business in Queensland will be liable for fines of more than $100,000 and expected to slash their use by 25 per cent, reported Martin Philip, Tuck Thompson and Rosanne Barrett in The Courier Mail (2/10/2007, p.5). Megausers face strict guidelines: Businesses using more than 10 megalitres a year are forced to operate under a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) and expected to achieve a 25 per cent reduction or best practice in water use by November 2008.

Toughest fines ever: Water Services Association of Australia executive director Ross Young said maximum fines of $124,875 made the new penalties by far the toughest in Australia. Young said the Water Commission should consider past efforts to slash consumption. “Some businesses may be able to reach that target without trying too hard, but for other businesses that have installed water efficient devices, a further 25 per cent target could well be very expensive and difficult to achieve,” he said. “You need to assess each business and add in the savings they’ve already made over the last four or five years.”

WEMP woes: Brisbane Ice Sales co-owner Tony Mee said the Government was acting inconsistently by not enforcing WEMPs across the board. The Water Commission told all businesses about three or four months ago they needed to have a WEMP in place,” he said. “About 25 per cent put WEMPs in place but there were 75 per cent of businesses that didn’t.”

The Courier Mail, 2/10/2007, p. 5


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