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Auction by Qld Government of 8000 megalitres of water for irrigation on the Warrego River put on hold indefinitely; Premier Bligh reluctantly agrees to PM’s request

Posted by waterweek on 4 October 2007

An auction by the Queensland Government of 8000 megalitres of water for irrigation on the Warrego River, bitterly opposed by downstream graziers in NSW, has been put on hold indefinitely, reported The Land (27/9/2007, p.21).

Qld Premier’s reluctant agreement: Newly appointed Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, reluctantly agreed on the move following a request from Prime Minister John Howard, to cancel the auction, which was originally intended to be held last week.

Bligh: water “reserved for future use”: Bligh, who had postponed the auction for two weeks pending a response from Howard to her request that he clarify his position, said the water would be “reserved for future use”.

CSIRO report: 7pc decline likely by 2030: Turnbull made his request for cancellation after release of a CSIRO report which indicated future flow levels were uncertain because of global warming and Howard has backed him up. The report said although climate modelling indicated a range between a 30pc decrease and a 47pc increase, 7pc decline was most likely by 2030. Downstream graziers in NSW feared using the water for irrigation would reduce the size and frequency of flooding on which they relied to boost pasture growth. Secretary of Warrego River Water Users, Bill Ridge, “Tuon”, Enngonia, said the decision was “a victory for common sense.”

The Land, 27/9/2007, p. 21


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