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Tas opens water coffers for thirsty town: emergency supplies ordered from Lake Crescent in the Clyde River catchment of central Tasmania for town of Bothwell, set to run out of water in two weeks

Posted by waterweek on 2 October 2007

With water to the town of Bothwell set to run out in two weeks, the state government had declared a water supply emergency in the Clyde River catchment of central Tasmania, to save Bothwell residents having to truck drinking water to meet town’s needs, reported The Mercury, (27/09/2007, p.13).

Emergency supplies ordered: Water Minister David Llewellyn ordered an emergency release of water from Lake Crescent, which feeds the Clyde.

Resident welfare foremost: “While I recognise that the action may impact on the natural values in Lake Crescent, I cannot allow a public health or animal welfare crisis to eventuate through lack of water for the town of Bothwell or for riparian landholders on the River Clyde,” he said.

Only source: Unless there were significant rains, the only source of water for the area in two weeks’ time would be that held in lakes Sorell and Crescent, the minister said.

Farmers too on the agenda: Llewellyn has also not ruled out a further release of water to meet the needs of farmers along the Clyde catchment, who were in desperate need of irrigation water to sow poppy and other summer crops.

The Mercury, 27/9/2007, p. 13


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