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Latest from Queensland’s Jim’s Water Tanks: fuming customers wait up to nine months; not all believe promised Christmas delivery will happen

Posted by waterweek on 2 October 2007

According to Patrick Lion, reported in The Courier-Mail, (26/09/2007, p.19), Jim’s Water Tanks owner Alan Jorgensen, having recently promised the tanks would be delivered by last week, apologised on 25 September for the latest delay in tank delivery.

Six weeks stretches to nine months: Jorgensen left a long list of fuming customers who were originally promised a six-week delivery time as far back as April; they were now told the tanks would not arrive before the end of the year — a nine-month wait.

Latest promise – by year end: After The Courier-Mail reported last month that Jorgensen had his bank accounts frozen and passport suspended while under investigation for not delivering any of 5500 orders, Jorgensen said about 300 tanks would be installed in Ipswich with late orders, mostly from Brisbane, arriving as late as December.

Blame it on judiciary: “I am most apologetic, but it has taken longer because of the court keeping me in Australia and freezing my accounts,” he told The Courier-Mail from Zhuhai, China, where he had been allowed to oversee tank production.

Christmas gift: “I am absolutely 100 per cent sure everyone will get their tank by Christmas. We will be installing 100 a day when they get here,” he said.

No takers: But Brisbane customers such as Barry Tudman, who placed a $500 deposit on April 9, were not as certain. “The amount of promises I have received from this guy saying the tank was coming are just ridiculous,” Tudman said. “They just keep fobbing me off.”

The Courier Mail, 26/9/2007, p. 19


2 Responses to “Latest from Queensland’s Jim’s Water Tanks: fuming customers wait up to nine months; not all believe promised Christmas delivery will happen”

  1. james taehana said

    i to placed $500.00 deposit in april,with the promises of delivery in 6-8 weeks,when that time was up i rang them,they werent taking calls at all,after many weeks of calling,i finally spoke to someone,from that time on,the promises have been coming thick and fast,still to no avail,i hope we that are waiting recieve our deposits back

  2. Darryl Rowley said

    I paid $639 deposit which included the first flush and install cost.When I recieved an incorrect invoice I rang Jim’s to bring the mistake to their attention. I called for 3 weeks before someone picked up the phone.
    When I recieved the new invoice the COD was still incorrect but to a different amount.
    At my persistance I have received many Email invoices from Jim’s and all the COD amounts vary and are incorrect.
    My final phone call to the Brisbane office resulted in the consultant confirming my COD payment of $99 (Jim’s offered me a $400 pump)and emailing me a subsequent COD invoice of $239.

    I am thankful of not depositing more

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