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Despite zero water consumption, Melbourne family’s water bill still came to $126 for water service, sewerage and drainage

Posted by waterweek on 2 October 2007

The Steele family had been looking forward to this month’s water bill landing in the letterbox – for good reason, reported The Age (13/8/2007, p. 7).

Replace main supply water by rainwater: “It was the first time we had zero on the bill,” Jan Steele said. The Steeles were among only a handful of Melbourne families who used no water from the mains supply. Most average households consumed hundreds of litres a day. But this Mitcham family has been using rainwater for showering, washing clothes and dishes, watering their garden and even drinking. Conservation has been no cheap achievement for Jan and her husband, Graham. “We have spent about $12,000 all up, on four 2250-litre tanks,” Jan Steele said.

Pay for water service despite zero water consumption: And, surprisingly, despite the zero for water consumption, the Steele’s latest water bill still came to $126. They were still charged for water service, sewerage and drainage, as well as receiving an annual surcharge of $53 from Parks Victoria for public park maintenance.

The Age, 13/8/2007, p. 7


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