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Sunwater changes rules: Paradise Dam, Queensland Bundaberg water users may top up with temporary transfer from Kolan

Posted by waterweek on 28 September 2007

SunWater was now able to allow the Temporary Transfer of water from the Kolan Subscheme to the Burnett Subscheme subject to any operational constraints of the channel system. SunWater was advised by the Department of Natural Resources and Water, that Stage One of the Critical Water Supply Arrangements (CWSA) for the Bundaberg WSS were updated. SunWater Corporate Strategy Manager Tom Vanderbyl said under the updated arrangements, new Burnett Water High Priority and Medium Priority water allocations committed up to and including June 30, 2007 were to be included in the water sharing rules.
This meant:

• Announced Allocations for those people who purchased water entitlements from Paradise Dam prior to June 30 2007, will be the same as those of the same priority group in each part of the scheme;

• High Priority water allocations throughout the scheme were on 85 per cent;

• Medium Priority water allocations in the Kolan Subscheme were on 47 per cent; an

• Medium Priority water allocations on the Burnett Subscheme were on 3 per cent.

Temporary transfer from the Kolan:
This increased exibility will be welcomed by Medium Priority allocation holders in the Burnett Subscheme who were seeking to top up their supply by temporary transfer from the Kolan side of the scheme, he said. With the approvals now in place, SunWater will move to progress applications for water transfers as soon as possible.

Carryover Rules: Vanderbyl said SunWater and the Bundaberg Customer Council were examining options to extend the Carryover Water period to November or December, with the details expected to be nalised this month.We understood there were concerns by some customers regarding the way in which the Carryover Water rule was applied in a given water year, so we were seeking to address those concerns to ensure the water will be made available for as long as possible, he said.
Glenn Puger, Mobile: 0407 574 66310 September, 2007

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