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New policy-plan: NSW towns to purchase water on the open market in deal to go level 4 to level 3a, others must plan to truck water, open channels banned

Posted by waterweek on 28 September 2007

The NSW Department of Water and Energy, said sufficient water will be provided to all towns to meet demands under Level 4 restrictions. Level 4 restrictions would continue until allocations of at least 20 per cent for high security licences were announced.MBDC flows

New idea: An option was currently being considered that would allow towns to purchase water on the open market if they wish to ease the level of restrictions from level 4 to level 3a. This would be on the basis that towns acquire 20 per cent of the volume to meet level 4 restrictions for that month.

No water in four zones: Landholders who rely on Merran, Wakool, Colligen and Eagle Creek cannot be guaranteed supply. Landholders on these creek systems may have to cart water to maintain supplies. Similarly, landholders who rely on the delivery of domestic and stock water from private channel systems should contact their water supply authority to check on availability. While the supply of domestic and stock water had the highest priority;

• water can only be provided from regulated supply if it can be delivered efficiently;

• when water becomes available from an unregulated flow, replenishment of tributary creek systems will be given a high priority;

Pumping only for critical use: Landholders who pump water for domestic and stock use, as permitted under the basic landholder rights provisions of the Water Management Act 2000, were reminded that this water can only be used for household purposes such as watering stock, cooking, cleaning, and household gardens.

No commercial use:
It cannot be used for any commercial purposes. Landholders in urban areas that have private pumps were reminded that restrictions currently apply to their use of domestic and stock water consistent with urban centres. These restrictions were equivalent to the town water supply restriction currently in-force in each town.

Channel water banned: “As water availability in the NSW Murray Valley was very scarce, the Department of Water and Energy advises landholders to extract and convey domestic and stock water as efficiently as possible. Where channels and dams have high losses and where possible, water should be conveyed by a piped system”.



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