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Murrumbidgee towns may now ease water restrictions from Level 4 to Level 3a but emergency conditions remain:Water Sharing Plan still disabled

Posted by waterweek on 28 September 2007

The NSW Department of Water and Energy, September 2007 Murrumbidgee High and General Security licences will be allowed to carryover up to 15 per cent of entitlement, as was permitted last water year. Carryover for High Security will be permitted until the Water Sharing Plan was reinstated.
Upper Murray Stack
Town Water Supply: Sufficient water was now available for town water supply for the whole of 2007/2008 and towns were advised that they may now ease water restrictions from Level 4 to Level 3a, which allows some outside watering in the warmer months. However, there was currently no water reserved for next year and there remains the need to be conservative with all water use.

Water Availability Outlook: Water availability and the probabilities for improvement will change throughout the season as conditions change and other issues, such as reserving water for next year, need to be considered.

Contact: Department of Water and Energy: Bunty Driver t 03 58983900


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