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150 gigalitre Victorian desalination plant part of $4.9 billion water reform package; ABN AMRO involved in financing of $6 billion of the $8 billion PPPs last year

Posted by waterweek on 27 September 2007

According to Adele Ferguson, the Victorian Government will use a public private partnership model to build the $3.1 billion desalination plant, reported in The Australian (20/9/2007, p. 20). ABN AMRO executive direc­tor of structured finance Geoff Daley said the investment bank was talking to various participants to try to get a role. ABN AMRO was involved in the financing of $6 billion of the $8 billion PPPs last year.

Overhaul of metropolitan retail water sector: The 150 gigalitre desalination plant was part of a $4.9 billion water reform package by the Victorian Government to drought-proof Melbourne. The state Government also wanted to overhaul the metropolitan retail water sector, which could result in the introduction of the private sector into the water retail business. Under the current structure, three retail businesses operate Victoria’s water. The Victorian Government has appointed the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission to review the cur­rent structure.

Five consortiums will spend at least $10 million on each proposal: For a project of this size and complexity, each consortium will spend at least $10 million on each proposal. The five consortiums are ex­pected to include: John Holland and Veolia Water; Thiess Contractors and French-based water treatment company Degremont; Leighton Contractors and General Electric; United Utilities Australia, a subsidiary of Britain’s largest water company, Abigroup and McConnell Dowell Corporation; and the fifth consortium is expected to be headed by Infilco Degremont, which is part of the Degremont Group, the world’s leading water treatment engineering company.

The Australian, 20/9/2007, p. 20


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