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Underground dams to store recycled sewage water, stormwater for later use: Fed Govt to spend $50m on action plan

Posted by waterweek on 26 September 2007

Underground dams could store recycled sewage water and stormwater for later use by cities, Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, reported The Australian (20/9/2007, p.2).

Investigation: The Federal Government would spend $50 million to develop a national groundwater action plan, which would include an investiga­tion into underground dams, as well as the potential of vast water resources in aquifers in northern Australia. Some of the money would also be used to improve the management of groundwater re­sources that crossed state borders. Under the plan, a working group would assess sites suitable for man­aged aquifer recharge.

Wasted water: “We all get very upset when we see so much stormwater in our cities rushing out, generally into the ocean, wasted,” Turnbull said. “Finding somewhere to store it in most cities is for all intents and purposes impossible if it is on the surface. But where you have got the right geology, the right host materials – sandy aquifers or other types of aquifers where you can slow the water down and enable it to percolate into the subsoil – then you have got an opportunity in effect to create underground dams.” There was the potential to use the same techniques for recycled water, he said.

The Australian, 20/9/2007, p. 2

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