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NSW State Water Unable to provide a water balance: deadline now 12 months overdue water balance

Posted by waterweek on 25 September 2007

NSW State Water was unable to provide a NSW water balance, and the deadline was now 12 months overdue, reported the NSW State Water Corporation Operational Audit 2005/06.

The licence requirement for Water Balance Reporting was;

• must prepare by no later than 1 September each year;

• annual water balances in the form of the template of the final report by Sinclair Knight Merz “State Water Operating Licence – Water Balance Template” dated 30 March 2005 and in accordance with that report.

Auditor finds committments not met: SWC stated in their 1 September report to IPART that the water balances were not available but would be completed in October 2006. However, this target was not achieved and SWC is completing water balances for individual valleys as resourcess allow.

Fish River Water Balance: SWC met its obligations to must prepare an annual water balance for the Fish River Water Supply Scheme.

Reference: NSW State Water Corporation Operational Audit 2005/06, Report to the Minister, Water-Compliance Report, Compliance Report No. 27, May 2007

Erisk Net, 23/9/2007


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