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Plethora of projects to raise South Australia’s use of recycled wastewater to 45pc, says Premier

Posted by waterweek on 22 September 2007

Adelaide’s record for reuse of treated wastewater was outstanding, currently recycling about 20 per cent of its wastewater when the national average was only 9 per cent, South Australian Premier Mike Rann said in the South Australia House of Assembly on 11 September 2007.

$30m committed to pipeline network: “Projects already announced will increase this effort to around 45 per cent, which puts us streets ahead of the rest of the nation,” Rann said. “The South Australian government has committed $30 million to the $60 million Glenelg Parklands project, which will provide a 30 kilometre pipeline network from the wastewater plant to the Adelaide Parklands to enable 4,000 million litres of treated water to be recycled. More than 60 sites in the Adelaide CBD have been identified for their potential to use recycled water, and there is provision for environmental flows in the River Torrens. We are still awaiting the federal government’s matching funding commitment for this important project.”

Waterproofing the South to double recycled water use by 2010: “The $4.7 million project extension of the Virginia pipeline scheme to Angle Vale will deliver another 3 billion litres of recycled water to be reused on market gardens on top of the current 15 billion litres already reused,” said Rann. “The state government has committed more than $2.5 million to the project. These key projects build on the commitments already made to Waterproofing the South, to which the state government has committed more than $40 million. The first phase of Waterproofing the South will increase the use of recycled water from 4.4 billion litres a year to 8.8 billion litres a year by 2010. The state government is working closely with the industry and the Onkaparinga council to make this important project happen.”

Regional projects detailed: “These projects will raise Adelaide’s wastewater reuse to around 45 per cent — by far the highest in the nation. Through projects at our plants at Christies Beach, Glenelg, Aldinga and Bolivar we will be freeing up stressed groundwater resources and reducing the flow of nutrients into the St Vincent Gulf by half. These are extremely beneficial environmental outcomes,” the Premier said. “These projects are also in addition to a number of regional reuse projects the government is supporting. The $1 million Port Augusta West Sewer Mining Project, operated by the Port Augusta council, recycles 180 million litres of wastewater a year for irrigation and community parks and gardens. The state government provided $300,000. The Whyalla council and SA Water will partner in a project to reuse 600 million litres of treated wastewater to irrigate council parks and gardens and a golf course. The state government has contributed $14 million, and I know that the member for Giles has been a strong supporter of that. About 115 million litres per year of treated wastewater from the Victor Harbor plant has been committed to be used to irrigate the golf course and a private vineyard. SA Water will treat the water at a cost of $200,000 per year.”

Partnerships: “Berri Barmera Waste Water Reuse Project is a partnership between the Berri Barmera Council and United Utilities Australia. The $14 million project involves treating 600 million litres a year of wastewater from council septic tank effluent disposal schemes and a local winery. The state government contributed $800,000. The Loxton Waikerie council will coordinate a project to reuse water for the local golf course. The state government will contribute $500,000.”

Reference: M.D. Rann, Premier of South Australia, Minister for the Arts, House of Assembly, South Australia, 11 September 2007.

Erisk Net, 17/9/2007

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