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Federal ruling may mean Queensland households lose ownership of the rainwater falling on their roofs

Posted by waterweek on 20 September 2007

Queensland households risked losing control of the rainwater falling on their roofs, reported The Courier Mail, (15/08/2007, p.17). Desperate state eyes domestic water tanks: With dam levels at record low levels, there was concern the State Government was eyeing off billions of litres stored in domestic water tanks. And according to advice tabled in Federal Parliament, there was nothing to stop it taking “ownership” of the water.

Tank owners fear seizure: Concerned water tank owners feared the Government might extend tough water restrictions to private tank use, or even seize control of their supplies if the drought persisted.

Mind you – rainwater no private property: The federal advice, from Environment and Water Resources Minister Malcolm Turnbull said house holds did not necessarily own rainwater that fell on rooftops. “State and territory governments could establish entitlement regimes in order to regulate the use of water that falls on a person’s roof,” he said.

Raindrop politics: Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett said he was concerned at a possible water grab.

The Courier Mail, 15/8/2007, p. 17


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