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$300/ML compo to 900 irrigators in seven NSW ground-water zones for cuts to water they got for free, in the first place: but irrigators to sue, for more

Posted by waterweek on 19 September 2007

About $118 million in financial assistance will start flowing to about 900 NSW irrigation licence holders, while a further $7 million will be offered to Lower Lachlan Valley groundwater licence hold­ers once the region’s water shar­ing plan has been finalised. Groundwater users group chair Greg Sandford, of “Noorumboon”, Deniliquin, said irrigators initially were told cuts to water entitlements would occur “across the board”, and it was only when the ASGE scheme was announced in 2005 they learned payouts would be based on history-of-use instead. Sandford said irrigators were losing about 168,000 megal­itres of water entitlement but only about 20,000ML would be covered by ASGE payments at about $300/ML, wrote Alan Dick in The Land, 13/9/2007, p. 25. The rest will not get any money at all,” he said.

Free of tax, too: The AGSE scheme compensates irrigators in seven NSW ground­ water zones for cuts to their enti­tlements because of previous over-allocations. Although instigated about two years ago, the money is only just starting to flow — to irrigators not involved in legal actions — after a drawn-out arm-wrestle over taxa­tion treatment of the payouts.

The Land, 13/9/2007, p. 25


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