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Sophisticated grey water recycling could produce 22 gigalitres of potable water – half amount produced by new WA desalination plant, says MP

Posted by waterweek on 14 September 2007

The Water Services Association of Australia reported that all capital cities would have to find new sources of water such as desalination and recycling, said MP Stuart Henry in the Federal House of Representatives on 14 August 2007.

Grey water recycling advocated: “An earlier report by this association poured cold water on the idea of grey water recycling,” Henry said, “apparently because of potential health and environmental impacts and that such a measure did not save much water anyway. I think they are wrong on all counts. I am aware of work that was done in the early 1990s in Perth that demonstrated that, with an effective grey water retrofit program, an additional 22 gigalitres of potable water could be created and/or saved.”

Grey water technology much improved: “Twenty-two gigalitres is about half the potable water produced by the new desalination plant in Western Australia. Its capacity is 45 gigalitres and cost some $400 million. On top of that you have significant energy costs in terms of greenhouse gases plus some threat to the marine environment. The sophistication of grey water systems has improved greatly and, coupled with appropriate management strategies, threats to health and the environment are negligible. The community forums I have conducted to date have been well attended. The community wants to have — and needs to have — information on all the options available to them and to have a choice.”

Reference: Stuart Henry, Federal Member for Hasluck, House of Representative, Commonwealth, 14 August 2007.

Erisk Net, 19/8/2007


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